Meet Esther, She Needs a Sugar Son.

A beautiful Women of 45 years old, Mrs Esther contacted us through this platform, and asked us to connect her with a strong sugar son, for a relationship that will benefit the young man financially. She asked that we connect her ONLY through this online sugar momma connection website, you only need to be ready to travel as at when needed and quickly too.

Mrs Esther is a loving and caring 45 year old woman living in San Diego, CA, United States. She is currently looking for men not more than 35 years old for long term relationship that satisfy her urge, and the guy, financially. She wants to connect emotionally with her man and would love to make something good out of it.

All interested persons should take note, that Mrs Esther is ready to meet her man anywhere in the United states and would also welcome him to her house in San Diego, which is situated on a 17 acres of Land, thanks to her dad, who is a billionaire with a very popular Kid’s store.

• So are you interested?
• Are you within the age range Jessica Libania is looking for?
• Do you wish to stay in a long term relationship with a 45 year old young woman?

It truly does not matter whether you are black or white to Jessica, what she wants, is a honest man to live with. All she is asking for, is just a man who respects his words and have respect for Women.

Want to connect with her? Use the link below. Good Luck.

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